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Access Control Systems

Your traditional access control systems are typically unreliable and often complicated. Built-In Solutions provides a unified access control system that is designed to integrate with your surveillance and alarm systems allowing you to effectively manage your site security from any device. Intuitive, very user friendly apps and software allow you to easily enable/disable users or limit access for specific users to certain areas of your facility. These systems can also track time and attendance giving you proper visibility when managing your office. Elevator control, gate control, handicap door operators, and telephone entry can all be added to the access control system. These systems are fully scalable and can continue to grow as your facility does. These IP based systems will continue to work even when your network is down. At Built-In Solutions Inc. we deliver what you expect from today’s most advanced access control systems.

Video Surveillance Systems

Built-In Solutions offers a wide variety of IP surveillance systems to suite your needs. Your surveillance system can be accessed anywhere using client software, your browser or from any mobile device. Your video surveillance system can also tie into an access control system to unlock doors assigned to specific cameras allowing full control of your facility. Audio recording can also be added to your video surveillance system for certain applications.

Intercom Systems

Video and audio intercom systems provide an added level of security to remotely allow verified guest entry to specific areas. The access control system and intercom door release functionality can be fully integrated to work together.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems offer more than just door/window contacts and motion detectors. Built-In Solutions can customize your alarm system to help protect what matters to you most. Devices such as shock sensors, glass break sensors, flood detectors, heat detectors and smoke detectors can all be added to your alarm system. Our systems are fully scalable allowing you to expand your system as needed. Of course, our systems include mobile app integration to allow remote arming/disarming as well as the ability to control z-wave devices such as locks, thermostats, and lighting. Our systems can tie into your access control system to allow arming and disarming via card swipes to ensure certain areas remain armed when not in use to ensure maximum security.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides two-way communications with the central station with the press of a button. Wireless speakers and microphones strategically placed in the area ensures you will be heard anywhere you need assistance. Larger areas such as school campuses and condo grounds can be accommodated as well with emergency panic stations that will communicate directly to the security desk where guards can respond within minutes.

Monitoring and Hosted Access Control Services

Built-In Solutions offers IP, phone line and cellular alarm monitoring with multiple paths of communication to make sure your signals are received as quickly as possible. We also offer video monitoring where your site is securely monitored off-site where operators can visually verify the alarm providing a quicker response by police. Elevator cars can be individually monitored so the proper personnel can be dispatched accordingly. Personal Emergency monitoring is a two-way communication where the user can communicate directly to the monitoring station agent explaining their problem to provide a quick response. Cloud managed access control is quickly becoming the new norm in access control technology. This essentially eliminates the need for an onsite access control server and, instead, is hosted off site. No more server maintenance or upgrades are needed as all this is taken care of offsite.

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